We are so glad you have found our web site and hope you will find things of interest. If there is anything you are looking for, that you can not find, please get in touch. We will do our very best to help you. You can email us here. Having found us on line, we hope we might see you in person.

Who is the ‘we’?

We are the Scottish Episcopal Church in Cumbernauld a, currently small, but joyful and faithful group of people who worship at:

1st Sunday of the month Joint Service at Holy Name 10.30am

2nd Sunday of the month Sung Eucharist 10am

3rd Sunday of the month Joint Service at SS Paul and John 10.30am

4th Sunday of the month Sung Eucharist 10am

We also have a med week service at 10.30am on a Thursday. Everyone can come along to our services and join in or just sit and watch, we have tea and coffee after the service to which you are also invited to continue the conversations and fellowship.

We love questions, questions are how we grow in understanding and in faith. So if you have questions come along and ask them. You may be asking a question we haven’t thought of, or have been trying to avoid. Or maybe you have an answer to a question we are currently struggling with. The Scottish Episcopal Church traces it’s roots back to the earliest days of Christianity in Scotland, despite that we still acknowledge we have much to learn.

Our current priest, Revd Kirstin Freeman, joined un in October 2021 and is here for you as well as us. She will help you navigate your way through times of joy and sorrow. She can also help you arrange a wide breadth of services to mark whatever milestone you are going through, should that be what you would like. Be it a birth, a celebration of love, or at the end of life, or indeed anything else. She is available to discuss options and offer help wherever needed.