Harvest Festival

This morning we celebrated the Harvest by giving thanks for all the goodness we have been blessed with and sharing that blessing with gifts for the foodbank.

In the setting of the Autumn sun and the shortening of days, 
in the cooling of the breeze and the brightness of moonlight rays.
In the cries of migrating birds, of morning mist and crunchy leaves
in the beauty of the fruit that falls from our life saving trees.
In the coldness of that, first frost, the nip upon the air,
we see the Creator’s caring hand, as the season moves to declare;
God reigned in the summer sun, the gentle cooling breeze.
God reigns too at harvest time and in the deepest freeze.
In the beauty of the world, we remember those who fear,
the chilling nights, the stone-cold food, no roaring fire to cheer.
Creator God in your great love, hold them tightly in your care,
give us the courage, wisdom, strength and will to meet you with them there.
We bless you God of seed and earth, of trees and harvest time,
may our lives be forever yours, our voices your love chime.
So, all the world, both near and far, may know the harvest we,
are blessed with both here today and also in eternity.

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